Public Hearing Notices

Attending a Public Hearing

Council Chambers is open to the public with limited seating due to the pandemic. Social distancing guidelines will be followed. Citizens who do not want to attend in person will be given the opportunity to provide public comment or testimony during public hearings in the following ways: All forms of testimony hold the same weight. 

Written Comment 

Written comments are strongly encouraged and may be sent by email to City Clerk, Bernadette Coderniz at or Ida Clark, Planning & Zoning Manager at You may also complete the below form and submit online.

Public Comment Form

Calling In

City Council and Planning & Zoning meetings will be live via Zoom Meetings. We will post the link and ID number at least one hour before the meetings.  

The City Council Meeting for April 6th is 847 1824 6178

You can call in using this phone number 1-253-215-8782 or 1-346-248-7799 and then enter the meeting ID above followed by #. You can still call in if you do not have a computer. Calling in will allow you to listen to the meeting, but not view the meeting.

When joining the meeting:

  • You will be muted.
  • You can raise your hand to provide comment. If you are using a computer, "raise hand" is located in the lower middle of your screen.  If you are on a cell phone, it is located in the lower-left and if you called in on a phone, you can press * 9. 

The Chairperson may limit public testimony to no more than three (3) minutes per person.

Resources and Tips to Participate on Zoom

•  Test your computer first, you may need to download the Zoom meeting to your device. If you are using a cell phone, you will need to download the app. 

• If you’re using computer audio and would like to comment, make sure you have a mic. If not, use the call-in feature.

• If you have audio problems switch to the phone call option.

• If using your cell phone, stay in one place where you have a good signal.

Joining Zoom Video Tutorial 

Meeting TypeHearing DateDescription
Planning and Zoning4/13/2021Cook Realty SUP
Planning and Zoning4/13/2021Godoy SUP
Planning and Zoning4/13/2021Rose SUP Renewal
Planning and Zoning4/27/2021D&B Electronic Sign SUP
Planning and Zoning4/27/2021Wadsworth SUP